While our core business is language training, LELI also provides a range of complimentary language related services.

Curriculum Design & Development

We understand that certain clients require bespoke English language training that may be particular to their organization and/or a particular job role, which is why LELI offers a professional curriculum development service that designs courses that target very specific client needs.

We work closely with our clients to identify their precise needs and build courses that help to achieve their desired outcomes. Recent notable successes include:

  • English for Human Rights for lecturers at UNTL. (In partnership with Global Campus of Human Rights, Global Campus – Pacific and the European Union);
  • English for Diplomats for the Timorese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communication. (In partnership with the British Embassy, Jakarta);
  • English for Seasonal Workers: English for Agriculture and English for Housekeeping in the Hospitality Industry. (In partnership with the Workers Development Program Timor-Leste);
  • English for Border Security Agencies and Migration Services. (In partnership with the Australian Department of Home Affairs);

Please contact us to organise a free consultation with an experienced education specialist to discuss in further detail.

Language Proficiency Testing

LELI provides contextually appropriate English language proficiency tests that are designed for clients with specific workplace language requirements. Additionally, we are also able to deliver abstract reasoning and progressive matrices testing that help to assess critical thinking skills.

Typically, we design and administer tests for organizations and institutions that need to assess the ability of potential employees prior to conducting interviews for employment, internships or scholarship opportunities.

Recent clients have included the Embassy of the United States, National Parliament, ConocoPhillips, Australian Federal Police, GAP-MHS Aviation and the Ministry of Finance. For further information, please contact us to request a meeting with our Client Manager.

International Exam Administration & Invigilation

In addition to being the only institution in Timor to provide official IELTS exams, LELI works with a number of prestigious international universities in the UK and Australia to administer and invigilate exams for students completing Post-Graduate distance learning qualifications.

LELI works closely with overseas educational institutions to ensure students are able to sit their exams in a secure environment that adhere to strict international examination protocols. For further information, please contact us to request a meeting with our Client Manager.

International Scholarship Support

Over the last ten years, LELI has provided language training and support for potential candidates across a broad range of prestigious international scholarship programs including the Australian Awards Program, New Zealand Development Scholarship (NZDS), Fulbright Scholarship, Hilary Clinton Scholarship, and the New Zealand English Language Training Overseas (ELTO) Program.

Our international scholarship support services include:

  • Pre-scholarship application language training;
  • IELTS pre-screening testing;
  • IELTS exam preparation;
  • TOEFL exam preparation;
  • Administering the official Academic IELTS exam through our overseas partner; and
  • Pre-departure training that incorporates English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses and cross-cultural awareness training to better prepare students for a university environment in ‘more developed’ English speaking countries.

In addition to our typical support services, we have also successfully designed and delivered English language courses for people with disabilities, including programs for students that are visually impaired. For further information, please contact us to request a meeting with our Client Manager.