There are two key options if you want to study English at LELI: Public Course or In-house training. We currently offer General English and IELTS training as public courses. For more information on our IELTS courses, please click here.

Public Course Key Information

Course: General English
Levels: Starter – Advanced (CEF A1 – C1)
Group Size: 12 – 18 students
Course Length: 60 hours
Course Duration: 15 weeks
Course Schedule: 15:45–17:45 or 18:00–20:00. Mon/Wed; Tue/Thu; Mon/Fri
Start Dates 2023: Term 1: January | Term 2: May | Term 3: September
Age: Teenagers & Adults

In addition to the language training, students receive:

  • LELI placement test
  • Student course book
  • Supplementary materials
  • Certificate (for those that complete the course)

Private Course Key Information

Courses: General English; English for the Workplace; English for Specific Purposes; English for Academic Purposes; IELTS courses (click here)
Levels: Beginner: Starter – Advanced (CEF A1 – C1)
Group Size: Max: 18 students
Course Length: 60 hours (Standard, but can be tailored to suit)
Course Duration: 3 – 15 weeks (Max: 20 hours per week)
Schedule: 07:45 – 17:45, Mon – Fri (Depending on availability)
Price: Quotation immediately available upon request

In addition to the language training, our private courses also include:

  • Consultation with our Client Manager
  • Regular communication and attendance updates
  • Access to online teacher support
  • End of course report
  • LELI placement test
  • Student course book
  • Supplementary materials
  • Certificate (for those that complete the course)

General English

General English courses are by far the most popular classes we deliver, and they cover core English language skills with an emphasis on improving fluency and building confidence when speaking. The classes are dynamic and interactive, and provide a solid foundation to develop functional English language skills.

English for the Workplace

Our English for the Workplace courses are structured around our knowledge and experience of working in Timor. We have designed contextually appropriate material that targets the type of English required in more formal work-based settings as well as in social situations. Depending on the specific needs of the organisation, we can adapt the course by creating additional materials that might focus on a particular skill such as email writing or giving presentations.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

We recognise that now more than ever, people need appropriate and relevant English to communicate effectively in a variety of business sectors, so LELI provides a range of ESP courses. These include the energy industry, law enforcement, engineering, human resources, accounting and finance, the hospitality and tourism industry, and the aviation industry. Additionally, we provide tailored professional writing courses that focus on emailing and report writing in the workplace. Furthermore, we have also developed Content Integrated Language Learning (CILL) courses that include basic numeracy and computer literacy.

Customised English Courses

We also understand that certain clients require bespoke English language training that is specific to their organisation and/or a particular job role, which is why LELI offers a professional curriculum development service. For more information, please click here.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

LELI has extensive experience developing and delivering EAP courses that focus on providing students with the English language skills required for academic study overseas. The primary aim of our EAP courses is to enable students to become familiar with, and to practice applying English in an academic context. In addition to developing the macro-skills (speaking, reading, writing and listening), our EAP courses also address critical thinking, note-taking, research methodology and plagiarism.


Please click here to find out about our IELTS courses.

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